Parker S1 dark beige WORKWEAR
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Parker S1 dark beige WORKWEAR

The CAT Parker S1 in dark beige is the ideal CAT work boot for all modern workplaces - warehouse, heavy machines, construction management or light construction work.

Safety class S1 with steel capped toes.

Antistatic, with reinforced puncture protection of the sole, heat protection and anti-slipping technology.

€149.00 Tax included

€125.21 Tax excluded

Data Protection

The CAT Parker S1 is the ideal CAT work boot for all modern workplaces.

Safety Category: S1
Marking Code: P+HRO+SRA

  • Impact and compression resistant up to 200 Joule composite toecap
  • Anti-static and shock absorbing heel
  • Composite Midsole Plate
  • Puncture resistant up to 1100 Newtons
  • High heat resistance to 300 degrees celcius
  • Slip resistance SRC - Resistance against slipping on both ceramic and steel surfaces covered with water and cleaning products
  • EVA Midsole Construction
  • Removable ERGO Countoured Footbed
  • T1230 outsole

Data sheet
Sicherheitsklasse / Safety class
Geschlecht / Sex
Für Männer / For men
Farbe / Colour
Braun / Brown
Saison / Season
Ganzjährig / All year round
Bezeichnung / Model Description
Hitzebeständig / Heat resistant
Ja / Yes
Wasserabweisend / Water repellent
Ja / Yes
Stoßfest / Shockproof
Ja / Yes
Altersgruppe / Age
Erwachsene / Adults
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