CAT Sunglasses Coder|Caterpillar
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CAT Sunglasses Coder|Caterpillar

100 % polarized. CAT LIFESTYLE.

CODER - not only protects your eyes, this smart Caterpillar piece makes you look cool too!

High-quality sports frame - the CODER sunglasses can really take a beating.

Black pouch included.

€49.99 (tax incl.) €42.01 (tax excl.)
Tax included Shipping excluded


With CAT you can proove your style in every situation - with the CAT CODER LIFESTYLE - glasses!

Protects against the sun and looks just damn cool.

Very stylish glasses with best wearing comfort, which you will enjoy for a long time.

The high-quality sports frame guarantees durability and robustness - so everything you need!

Data sheet

Data sheet
Geschlecht / Sex
Für Männer / For men
Farbe / Colour
Schwarz / Black
Altersgruppe / Age
Erwachsene / Adults

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